Aug., 1944 – The Liberation of Paris

Emporia Gazette, Aug. 23, 1944

The Liberation of Paris, also known as the Battle for Paris,took place from August 19 to August 25, 1944.  It is regarded as the last major battle in the Allied assault that began with D-Day at Normandy and was a tremendous morale booster for Allied troops and homefront citizens.

Alexander, Philadelphia Evening Bulletin

It has also been described as the most romantic event of World War II. One source describes it as “not necessarily the most dramatic or the most important event…but for sheer romance, joy, delight, tears of happiness and emotional dizziness, the liberation of Paris surpassed all the other momentous events of the war. It was a moment of supreme elation.

Edwin Marcus, NY Times. The cartoon is based upon the famous 19th Century painting “The Angelus” by Jean-Francois Millet

S.J. Ray, K.C. Star


Cal Alley, Nashville Banner

Left: Dorman Smith, Lynchburg News
Right: Tom Little, Nashville Tennessean

Unknown cartoonist.




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