Feb., 1945 – Sergeant Block issues some good advice

  GI Joes far from home and with too much time and money on their hands were apparently of concern to the Army Information Branch in 1945. To address the problem, the Army used a staff artist to produce the cartoon panel shown here. But it wasn’t just any staff artist; it was Sergeant Herb Block who had already won his first of three Pulitzer Prizes for editorial cartooning.  Block was 33 years old when he was drafted into the Army in 1943.  Under the pen name Herblock he had achieved national prominence as a cartoonist and won his first Pulitzer in 1942. He was mustered out of the service in late 1945 and went to back to work as a cartoonist for the Washington Post, for whom he would work until 2001.  For more information on Herblock, visit The Herb Block Foundation at:  http://www.herbblockfoundation.org

Herb Block, N.Y. Times Magazine, Feb., 1945

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