Henderson, Providence Journal  (BIO INFORMATION NEEDED — IF YOU CAN PROVIDE, PLEASE WRITE TO ME AT Carmelbob@Yahoo.com).

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  1. David Oakley says:

    I am looking for a high resolution copy of the Henderson cartoon of the Munich Agreement depicting Chamberlain and a baby Hitler. This is for an educational text book soon to be published by Oxford University Press. Can you let me now if this is available?

    Many thanks for your help.

    David Oakley

  2. Jim Mrotek says:

    I have a 2′ X 2.5′ ink on white board WWII-era political cartoon signed ‘Henderson’. I’m unable to find any examples of Henderson’s work anywhere on the web. Comments please.

  3. Valerie Chan says:

    I found some matching information on this site. Maybe contact the blogger for more information. (http://strippersguide.blogspot.com/2012_09_23_archive.html )

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