Lute Pease

Lute Pease, Newark Evening News (1869 -1963), Born in Winnemucca, NV, Pease was raised by grandparents in Charlotte, VT from the age of five after the death of his parents. He grew up to embark on an adventurous life, as detailed in a 1949 Editor & Publisher article and reprinted in Wikopedia:

Lute Pease…a nationally-known cartoonist whose work for 34 years has been reproduced in magazines and newspapers from coast-to-coast. But few of those who admire his work with pencil and brush are aware of Pease’s extraordinary background that springboarded him into caricaturing the world’s great. He eagerly recalls a series of amazingly vivid memories that meander blithely over America and back through his Trader Horn-like years before heeding the call of art. It was a medley of ranching, canvassing, small-business trials, land-locating efforts—”I tried to get in on the ‘Oklahoma Strip’ months before the rush”— freighting with oxen on the White Pass in ’98, five years of Alaska mining, wood-chopping, running a Nome bunkhouse during the time of the ‘Spoilers,’ and being first resident U.S. Commissioner in northwestern Alaska. To say nothing of being the intimate of the great and the near-great the country over. As a cub reporter-sketch artist, Pease, got the famous five-minute interview with Mark Twain which that renowned humorist praised as ‘the most accurate and best ever written of me’.”

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